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       A fund for animals requiring critical care


The Save-A-Heart fund was established to care for homeless pets who require immediate veterinarian care for survival.  Some come to us from the county shelters needing critical care while others develop problems while in our pet adoption facility. Below are a few examples of lives saved because of our Save-A-Heart fund…

Left to Right:
Arnold - found by animal control wandering the side of the road completely matted and extremely thin
Shasta - experienced internal bleeding after surgery
Hooch - removal of obstruction in his intestines
Matilda - removal of abdominal infection and treated for resulting toxicity
Andy - found on the side of the road covered in maggots
Miss Kittie - left in the road after being hit by a car
Below are just a few of the many hearts who have been saved because they received needed heartworm treatment...
People who donate to our Save-A-Heart fund literally save lives!  Here are our current O.P.P. residents requiring heartworm treatment ...
We must be prepared to help animals who arrive to Our Pal's Place with immediate special needs, like heartworms, and ready to handle emergency care expenses.  Please help us save the lives of critical care cases by donating to Save-A-Heart!  The money donated to this fund is tax deductible and will only be used to treat animals who require critical care.


Thank you!

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