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Acworth Elementary - Pet Club
Melissa Jones from Acworth Elementary leads the Pet Club, an after-school program for kids interested in learning about pet care. Ms. Jones invited Our Pal's Place to visit with her students during two club meetings. During our first visit with help of Simba (pictured in the middle of the students), we discussed the problem of pet overpopulation and the solution of spay/neuter with the kids. We played games to help better understand the problem and solution. We concluded our visit talking about basic pet care including heartworm preventative and discussing foods that are toxic to dogs (chocolate, raisins, onions, artificial sweeteners, etc.)

During our second visit, we brought certified therapy dogs who were once on death row in a county shelter. Tasha (left) and Lance (right) taught the kids that many intelligent, well-mannered dogs end-up in the county shelter. Conclusion: Even if you want a working or therapy dog, rescue out of a county shelter rather than buying a from a breeder ... it saves lives!

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