4508 Canton Highway  

  Marietta, GA  30066  

  (678) 795-0202 




 Saturday  & Sunday  

 1:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.  





Thanks to Kell High School's Homeless Pet Club, "Kell's Critters"

Coach John Mclaughlin contacted Our Pal's Place inquiring about volunteer opportunities for Kell's Critters. We always have projects needing completion and the most urgent need was putting down fresh mulch in our two back fenced yards. The students worked tirelessly shoveling mulch into the back of a pickup truck and then unloading and spreading it into the yards. It was a hard day work that was appreciated by all of our homeless dogs who ran, played and rolled in their new mulch. Thanks Kell's Critters!

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